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A look at the MLB Next Gen character, Emma Agreste - daughter of Marinette Dupain-Chang and Adrien Agreste

Emma Agreste

Emma Agreste happens to be the fifteen year old daughter of the famous fashion designer Marinette Dupain-Cheng and the humble and cocky baker Adrien Agreste. While she didn’t know it at first, when she was thirteen she was sent to Paris with no idea why. All was cleared up when she found out about her real parents, and what the mysterious ring she’d been given really meant.

Miraculous Information

Emma wields the ring of the black cat, also known as the Black Cat Miraculous. When dormant, the ring is a plain silver. When active, it’s black with a bright green paw print. Her kwammi is Plagg, a centuries old creature that grants her her powers. In addition to Cataclysm, Emma can also use ‘Flame-Thrower’, a fire-based attack in which similar results of cataclysm, but rather than a rotting or rusty result, it can create either endless fire, exassive heat, or melt what she touches, depending on the situation. While she has no control over which result she’ll get, it always works out - in similar use to Ladybug’s lucky charm.

The reason for this extra attack isn’t just because she trains in her free-time. Emma has a bit of a hot temper, and that’s increased when attached to her miraculous. In the ’heat’ of a battle, she can often loose control and loose it. The power is an adaptive attribute, One she had to work hard to unlock. Chat Noir’s have used it in the past, but it is one of the harder elements to unlock.

Civilian Life

When she’s not spending her time punching akumas and flirting with her Lovebug, Ladybug, Chat Noir resides as the popular Emma Dupain-Agreste. Not only the most popular athlete in school, but the beloved daughter of Marinette Dupain-Cheng, her brain-dead mother and ex-wife to her father, Adrien Agreste. While she’s not sure what happened between them, she has reason to believe something happened when they were still Miraculous Holders.

Emma is a fairly popular athlete, and is friendly and nice to anyone and everyone, even if they don’t deserve it. She’s good friends with Caleb Martin, the most popular male athlete in the grade. She has many admirers, but the two most recognizable is Nina

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